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Future AirPods to come with health monitoring features

by Yvonne Ng

In the next one or two years, Apple might be releasing a new version of AirPods which will come with ambient light sensors (ALS) to function as a health monitoring tool.

DigiTimes reports that the tech giant has asked ASE Technology to “apply its SESUB (semiconductor embedded in substrate)-based SIP packaging technology to next-generation TWS (true wireless stereo) earphones to be rolled out by Apple.” What this means is the sensor will be able to measure your heart rate, step counts and even blood oxygen levels.

Apple, Powerbeats pro

Image credit: Apple

However, reports are suggesting that there will be a change in design; the current AirPods and AirPods Pro design are unlikely to fit well with the ALS. MacRumors suggested that the Powerbeats Pro will more likely be the device to go with due to its over-ear design.

One thing’s for sure; AirPods with health monitoring features will surely grab the attention of many, but it will also be pricier than usual.

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