Home News Fujifilm is releasing a new Instax camera that shoots video called the Square SQ20

Fujifilm is releasing a new Instax camera that shoots video called the Square SQ20

by Yvonne Ng

Fujifilm is always the first brand in mind when it comes to instax cameras. Their instax cameras have definitely made a great leap since the first release of instax series product line in 1998. Now with Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ20 (SQ20), you can have the first instax camera that shoots video!

SQ20 is not only stylish, but with the new design around the lens, the camera is easier to hold. With two different colors, Matte Black and Beige, the SQ20 is the third addition to the instax square cameras. The SQ20 produces square format film (62mm x 62mm) instead of the usual wide (62mm x 99mm) or portrait format (62mm x 46mm) film that we were once used to.

As mentioned before, SQ20 has a video shooting function called “Motion Mode”. This allows you to shoot up to 15 seconds of video. Of course, we know it’s not possible for you to print out a video. This mode is made for you to print the best moment of a moving subject, which was a challenge for previous instax cameras.

Besides that, the SQ20 comes with a “Time Shift Collage” that can capture 4 images simultaneously with a time difference. What it basically means is that a single press of the shutter button will capture 4 different shots. Feeling typical? Add in the new filter “Sequence” and give your image a dynamic finish.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the SQ20 has a 4.0 x digital zoom before shooting, which is a first for all instax cameras. In addition, you get to take photos by looking at the LCD monitor and pick your best shots before printing. As the instax camera stores up to 50 past prints, it’s easy to reprint your photos.

The SQ20 is scheduled to be released from 20th October onwards, so don’t miss out if you have a thing for instax cameras!


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