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Fitbit adds new COVID-19 Resource Hub in app to assist Fitbit users

by Yvonne Ng

Fitbit knows that the current COVID-19 situation has led to many of us being stuck at home. To promote a healthy lifestyle even when we can’t go out, Fitbit has made the Premium subscription free for 90 days for all its Fitbit users. But since it’s important for everyone to be updated with the COVID-19 situation, Fitbit has also added a new tab in its app.

The new tab is called the COVID-19 tab and what it does is it offers all the latest information regarding the pandemic, lets you connect to a doctor virtually (only in the US) and give you ideas to stay healthy at home. You can even opt to share your data with the health research team so they progress more efficiently in detecting symptoms of flu and COVID-19.

Apart from the COVID-19 tab, if you subscribe to the 90-day free trial of Fitbit Premium, you’ll gain access to 40+ Premium at-home workout, advanced sleep tools and guided programs. You’ll also get new clock faces, motivational reminders and can connect with other Fitbit users via the Community tab.

The Fitbit COVID-19 tab will be rolling out to several countries from April 10 onwards. However, the tab content might be different depending on the country — like how the US users will the virtual doctor feature.

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