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Euro 4M RON 95 – Why is it better for Malaysians?

by Victor Ng

Unless you’re President Trump, you’d know that global warming is very real; and harmful emissions contribute largely to the problem. One of our country’s efforts to reduce emissions is by mandating an industry-wide adoption of the Euro 4M fuel standard. 

Tabled back in 2006 as part of the Green Technology Policy 2009, the introduction requires all local oil and gas companies to upgrade their offerings to meet the new 4M standard – which calls for petrol that has a lower sulphur content of 50 parts per million (ppm) instead of 500 ppm of the previous Euro 2M standard – which reduces the amount of sulphur dioxide released into the environment. This applies to both RON 97 and RON 95 fuel. 

Euro 4M RON 95 - Why is it better for Malaysians? 11

Image credit: Petronas

On top of that, different O&G companies can also opt to go the extra mile by introducing other improvements to their 4M-compliant fuel. Shell uses their DYNAFLEX technology to help reduce engine friction; Petronas’ formula also has a reduced benzene content of 3.5% from a whopping 30%, along with a lower vapour pressure of 65 Kilopascal from 7.0%. So, besides being good for our air, your engine will also benefit from the upgraded fuel. 

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Image credit: Rojak Daily

While the Euro 4M standard of RON 97 fuel has been around since 2015, it isn’t until now that the more affordable RON 95 will get upgraded.  A wide rollout of the new petrol is set for 1 January 2020, but Petronas has already introduced their own Euro 4M Petronas Primax 95 fuel across all their stations, while Shell’s FuelSave 95 Euro 4M is available at selected outlets now with a nationwide push set for New Year’s Day. 

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