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EpicGear introduces EG Infinity experience in COMPUTEX 2018

by Warren

EpicGear has been well known for its modular gaming peripherals, and while the company is still pretty great at what it is doing, it is moving on by introducing the EG Infinity gaming experience to the market, as a concept of the experience is being showcased at its COMPUTEX booth. EpicGear believes that the EG Infinity concept experience is the best way to allow gamers to experience the best of their products and train their skills, it’s Malaysian partner CUDO Technologies will be responsible for this initiative and will be converting one cybercafe starting next month.

Sporting a futuristic space ship and sci-fi design, the EG Infinity Odyssey collection will offer a customized battleground, eSport center design and build kit that aims to revolutionize PC games and LAN party events, the battle station concept includes modular walls that can be easily installed, and we were particularly impressed with how the PC motherboards are being showcased right in front of each respective battle stations instead of using standard PC cases.

EpicGear intends to have the EG Infinity experience reach out to more than cyber cafes, as EG Infinity’s Danny Chiu mentioned to us that it can be adapted to places like gyms or a retail store that sells anything, the EG Infinity experience aims to bring eSports gamers closer than ever and discover their true potential. Asked where the first EG Infinity experience cybercafe is going to be in Malaysia, CUDO Technologies’ Anson Chen told us to look out for one soon in Subang Jaya.

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