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Cyanogen Inc carries out another round of employee retrenchment

by Reuben

It looks like Cyanogen Inc’s future is heading for the worse as the company’s insiders, along with external sources report another round of layoffs for its current employees. The report by Android Police further states that Cyanogen Inc will be shutting down its Seattle headquarters by the end of 2016. This new development comes after recent reports and rumors surrounding the company’s paradigm shift from focusing on the open source Android ROM to running an app development landscape.

A recent layoff dating roughly 4 months back saw 20 percent of Cyanogen’s employees receiving the axe. Sources did not confirm the number of employees getting retrenched but it is said that some employees who were about to be laid off have gotten offers to relocated to a smaller Cyanogen office at Palo Alto. The future of Cyanogen Inc’s co-founder Steve Kondik looks pretty uncertain as he was allegedly taken down from the company’s board, now assuming the role of Chief Science Officer. 

A little over a month ago, Cyanogen CEO Kirk McMaster stepped down to make way for Leo Tal, a fresh face to the company. The managerial shuffle was announced on the 10th of October last month, together with the announcement of a new initiative known as the Cyanogen Modular OS program. Stay tuned as we bring you more developments and updates regarding the future of Cyanogen Inc. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts at the comments section below!

Source: Android Police

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