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Celcom Super Speeds @ Home: Home fibre that’s all about value and speed

by Victor Ng
celcom Super speed @ home

As much as we love to have our families back home during the CMCO or MCO, it gets to a point where there’s only so much internet bandwidth to go around before someone’s Netlfix stops working.

The obvious workaround is to get more bandwidth – but that also usually means forking out hefty sums every month. Well, Celcom understands the struggle and they’re introducing the Super Speeds @ Home promo which brings you two new unlimited high-speed internet home fibre plans at reasonable prices!

Plenty to go around

celcom home fibre prices

Your options include 300Mbps at RM140/month, or a whopping 500Mbps at a low RM200/month. To sweeten the deal, Celcom is making your subscription even cheaper by giving you a three-month introductory rebate the moment you sign up. With this, you’re now looking at a commitment of RM119/month for the 300Mbps plan, and RM179/month for the 500Mbps option, for at least three months.  

All about the value

Celcom fibre ax router

But wait, it gets even better – to make sure your home is well-covered with internet, you’ll also get an AX Router totally on the house! A good router matters because it allows more devices to be connected to it without any issues.

The router supports WiFi 6 which allows for internet speeds of up to 1Gbps; plus, a feature called Ultimate Range WiFi that makes sure internet reaches every corner of the house – yes, that includes the restroom where most of your Reddit-browsing happens.

To put the icing on the cake, the folks at Celcom’s TechXpert team will be on site to install and set up your new router – the only work you’ll be doing during the process is come up with a WiFi name and password. 

But, why all that speed?

Celcom Home Fibre

Well…why not? With so much internet, you get to stream movies or videos at 4K without having to see a single buffering bar; or game online without lag holding you back from that chicken dinner.

Since working from home is now the norm – all that unlimited high-speed internet means your digital workspace functions more seamlessly – downloading and uploading files take less time; con-calls are both visually and audibly improved; plus, loading that crucial online spreadsheet is now instantaneous.   

Make the switch

If the Super Speeds @ Home plans’ value and convenient offerings have you itching for an upgrade, visit Celcom’s website here to sign up.

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