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Asus ZenFone Max Pro supports EIS, here’s how you can enable it

by Tarvin Gill

The ZenFone Max Pro has been a great contender for phones under RM1000, with its smooth performance and stock Android interface as well as its large battery which is suitable for gamers that want a game for hours on end. However, it lacked slightly in its camera department but that might be slightly improved thanks to a feature that the company keep hidden until now.

The phone supports EIS but it takes a few easy steps to enable. An XDA Member by the name of ronello explained how you can enable EIS on the stock camera app:

  1. Open the camera app
  2. Tap Settings
  3. search for Redeye Reductions and tap and hold until the notification appears stating that you have unlocked additional settings
  4. Switch to video mode
  5. Change the recording resolution to below 4K, preferably 1080p
  6. Activate Image Stabilization in the Settings menu

The steps are pretty simple but sadly we do not have the phone to test out if this works. However, users have reported that their videos are less shaky after enabling EIS. If you have the phone, do try it out and let us know if it improves your video capture. Alternatively, you could install the Google Camera app to get EIS without tinkering with the settings.

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