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ASUS Malaysia introduces ExpertCenter D8 SFF PC

by Warren

ASUS Malaysia has just unveiled their latest addition to the business computing world: the ASUS ExpertCenter D8 SFF (D800SDR) desktop PC. This new offering promises to provide businesses with a solution that maximizes productivity and reliability in a compact form without compromising on expandability.

The ExpertCenter D8 SFF is engineered to meet the rigorous ASUS and US MIL-STD 810H reliability standards, ensuring outstanding durability and consistent performance. At the heart of these desktops are industry-leading ASUS motherboards, featuring 100% solid capacitors, which guarantee stability and reliable performance over a prolonged period.

Equipped with the option of the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor with vPro® Essentials and TPM 2.0 support, the ExpertCenter D8 SFF is tailored for enhanced performance, enterprise-level manageability, and robust security. Despite its small 9L chassis, the unit boasts an impressive 11 USB ports, four DIMM slots, and four storage bays, offering significant expandability and future-proofing capabilities, thereby minimizing long-term business costs.

ASUS leverages its experience in creating the world’s leading motherboards to ensure 24/7 stability and performance. The 100% solid capacitors used in these desktops provide up to six times longer lifespan than traditional capacitors. The desktop also meets stringent US MIL-STD 810H durability standards, ensuring it can withstand demanding industry environments.

The ExpertCenter D8 SFF is designed for businesses requiring extensive connectivity and performance in a small package. The device’s 11 USB ports and four monitor outputs are strategically placed for easy access. Its compact design allows it to be positioned either vertically or horizontally, with the sturdy chassis capable of supporting a monitor on top.

With a tool-free design, the ASUS ExpertCenter D8 SFF simplifies maintenance and upgrades. Despite its small size, it offers four DIMM slots and four storage bays, catering to growing business needs and extending its service life.

The ExpertCenter D8 SFF comes equipped with Intel vPro® Essentials, thanks to the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Q670 chipset. It includes TPM 2.0 support, a Kensington lock slot, USB device control, and optional ASUS Business Manager for seamless remote control and management.

The ASUS ExpertCenter D8 SFF is now available in Malaysia from selected resellers, starting at RM 3,448. ASUS Malaysia also offers a 3-year on-site warranty and a wired keyboard and mouse set with each purchase of the ExpertCenter D8 SFF (D800SDR).

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