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Apple's "Airpods" get certified in Russia, alongside iPhone 7 and new Apple smartwatch

by Reuben

Apple has announced its next event, which will be held a week from now, and all eyes will be on the next iPhone, if not most eyes. A new Apple smartwatch is slated to make an appearance as well, based on Apple’s product refresh patterns. As more rumors come through, both the iPhone 7 and the new Apple smartwatch have been spotted going through certification at Russia, plus some “Airpods”.

The Airpods, as seen on the screenshots appearing on Russian site Mobiltelefon.ru, will most likely be the rumored bluetooth earphones by Apple, meant to make up ground for the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone. The omission, which is probably confirmed by now, has received mixed reviews from the media and consumers worldwide. Even former Apple co-founder and unofficial advisor Steve Wozniak has expressed that Apple’s decision won’t go down too well with future consumers. The missing headphone jack will result in users having to get Bluetooth options, or fit an adapter for the 3.5mm cable to the iPhone’s charging port. We do hope that the Airpods do come included with the new iPhone 7, though that can’t be entirely confirmed.

The leaks do tell us that we’ll be expecting the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, plus the new Apple Watch lineup. Hence, it’s possible that Apple will be showcasing, if not launching the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch series in the same event. We only have a week to go, so best to stay put as we approach Apple’s September 7th event!

Source: Mobiltelefon.ru  Via: 9to5Mac

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