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New patent from Apple suggests a curved-screen iMac made of glass

by Yvonne Ng

We know patents don’t confirm the production of a device, but we can’t help but to wonder about the future if this Apple patent is turned into a reality. The patent was shared just last week, demonstrating an iMac-like PC made of glass. 

Apple calls it an electronic device with a glass housing member and if we look at the diagrams, we can assume it to be a really thin display, perhaps as thin as the MacBook’s display. There will be two-portion to this device — the upper portion that serves as the display and the lower portion that functions as the input area.

Image credit: USPTO

What’s interesting is that this device will have a curved screen near the bottom to connect the upper and lower portions. The glass used in this transitional section will be flexible so that the angle of the display can be changed. There’ll also be a stand on the back to support the display.

Image credit: USPTO

Apple also discussed several forms of the device in the patent. For example, the input could support a detachable keyboard in which the glass will detect the keystrokes when it’s attached. There’s also the possibility of adding wireless charging functions, including a touch-screen style display at the bottom as well as ass data transfer capabilities.

Although it has been some time since Apple made huge design changes to its iMac, the patent we’ve seen seemed a bit far-fetched right now. Perhaps Apple will implement this in the future, or in other devices like the iPad.

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