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The new iPhones face another bug called “beautygate” that iOS 12.1 will fix

by Yvonne Ng

When the new iPhones were out, a number of users encountered the issue of “crashgate” whereby their iPhone Xs and Xs Max will not charge when the screens are not activated. Apple then promised to fix the issue, and that was done with the iOS 12.0.1 update. Now, the iPhone users face another issue they refer to as “beautygate”.

Users noticed that their iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR have fake filter-like result when they take pictures, and this is due to the skin-smoothening effect that many are disliking and complaining. Users initially thought that this is a new feature that Apple is going to adapt to like some Android phones with the AI beautification function but turns out it’s actually a bug. 

Image credit : Business Insider

The bug causes the Smart HDR feature that is available in the new iPhones to select a wrong reference frame when users shoot themselves with the front cameras. Now usually the HDR system should select a reference frame with short shutter speed so that there is less motion but this bug has caused the system to instead use the reference frame with longer shutter speed, causing blur in pictures which results in the fake filter-like result.

Apple promises to fix the bug by updating the Smart HDR system which will ensure it picks the sharpest frame with shortest shutter speed to avoid the smooth-skin effect. The fix will be available in iOS 12.1 and it was reported that it will be released before October ends, though now it seems like it might take a little longer.

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