Home News Apple computers might be using their own processors by 2020

Apple computers might be using their own processors by 2020

by Tarvin Gill

Apple is going full Apple, as the company is in the early stages of creating their own processors for the MacBook and iMac which are currently using Intel processors. This information comes from anonymous sources that spoke to Bloomberg earlier this week.

This information was quite a blow to Intel as they have had a partnership with Apple for a really long time, and losing their biggest client saw Intel’s share drop 7.6 percent. Apple is not new to the chip-making market, as they created their own Bluetooth chip to instantly pair its AirPods to an iPhone and a security chip that protects personal data and biometrics from hacks. Some might think that making their own chips is just so they can increase the price of the devices, but building their own chips will allow them better control over the integrity of their devices and makes it easier to release newer products in the future.

This new effort from Apple is called Kalamata, a code name they are using to create an enhanced ecosystem to make their device work even better together.

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