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ViewSonic announces the VX Series Monitor with MHL 2.0

by KLGadget

Earlier this week, ViewSonic just announced its new VX series monitor with MHL 2.0 capability, which will allow users to mirror their smartphones or tablet’s screen to the monitor and enjoy multimedia content.

The VX2770Sml-LED, is designed to connect with the latest generation of portable devices, including smartphones, tablets and other monitors to give mobile content greater impact on a large screen. MHL 2.0 technology also simultaneously charges connected devices to prevent them from running out of power while users watch movies, play games or listen to music. With its sleek and frameless designs, the VX2770Sml-LED offers impeccable wide viewing angles that allow for the viewing of on-screen content from any angle without color decay. Also, Full HD resolution, a dynamic contrast ratio of 30 million: 1 and amazing SRS premium sound deliver more-detailed colors and sounds to users playing games, watching movie clips and more.

In addition to the MHL2.0 VX2770Sml-LED display, ViewSonic also offers VX2770Smh-LED and VX2703mh-LED displays with the HDMI interface, so that consumers can play multimedia contents, and connect with DVD players and other high-definition devices.

Local availability and pricing has not been disclosed to us but it should be available in stores in no time. If you want to know more about the VX series by ViewSonic, hit up the source link down below.

Source: ViewSonic

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