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TL;DR: If home appliances were just a little smarter, it would have been a great impact

by Warren

We have a Mi Air Purifier in the office and it is the smartest home appliance that I have ever used – no, it doesn’t run apps, but it has a companion app for your smartphone to check on the status of the device. Due to the recent polluted hazy weather in Malaysia, I was thankful to have bought the device and have promoted it to friends and family, and eventually, my bunch of friends that sells expensive and environmental certified air purifiers started to question me on how well it is able to filter polluted air and they even threw me statistics to prove how well their product works. Truth to be told, I know that the Mi Air Purifier isn’t the best product around, it is a cheap device that works well just like its smartphones, it isn’t going to replace your expensive Amway Atmosphere as well, but the only reason I’ve chosen over other expensive and more capable devices is the fact that it is ‘Smart’ and works as advertised for its main function.

It might not sound practical to most users out there, but I have been spoilt with its convenience that allows me to be able to measure the air quality of the office and to have it turned on automatically when it detects an unhealthy air level, all it needs to have is a little smart module in it with WiFi and probably some sensors with a companion app to deliver all that information to my smartphone, which I can also use it to control the devices functionality.

Hence, I have a lot of thoughts on the common home appliances that we have these days – fans, washing machines, refrigerators, why can’t they just be a little smarter and more intelligent? For instance, I could have my washing machine connected to my home WiFi to remind me of its current washing cycle and change the water temperature without actually heading back to it while I’m working on other stuffs, all the device needs is a smart PCB that has a WiFi module (A Raspberry Pi probably) that will cost no more than $100, and the convenience could actually get consumers rushing to buy one.

While I’m still not seeing more devices like this yet, but I would certainly hope that electronic manufacturers to get their feet on to start making smart enabled devices already, and most importantly they must be priced reasonably affordable for the masses.

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