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Qualcomm works with ASUS to launch Snapdragon-branded gaming smartphone

Qualcomm snapdragon gaming smartphone

Image credit: Pocketnow

HAH! It’s happening – Qualcomm is apparently making its very own gaming smartphone! It looks like the market’s growing popularity is rubbing off on the chip makers, so they’ll be partnering up with long-time customer ASUS to make the dream happen. 

Qualcomm will hold a Snapdragon event this December 1-2 and will possibly launch the Snapdragon 875 chipset as well.  

qualcomm gaming smartphone 2

Asus’ role in the partnership will, probably, be to provide the shell for which the Snapdragon 875 will power; but to what extent the phone will resemble Asus’s own ROG Phone is left to be seen. 

With that said, there will also be questions asked about how the partnership will mean for the Asus’ own gaming smartphone – we don’t know enough about the deal to make any speculations yet. But in any case, all we’re hoping is a beastly device from the pair that won’t resemble too much of the ROG Phone. 

In any case, stay tuned for our coverage of the event happening this December. 

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