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Premature leak of HTC 10's next teaser image

by Reuben

The whole world is waiting upon HTC’s upcoming flagship device, the HTC 10. After the launch of the M7, the HTC One M8 and One M9 didn’t seem too impressive, being more of a letdown then up to standards in terms of competition with other flagships of 2014 and 2015. Both Samsung and LG have left HTC in the dust since. Nevertheless HTC has been releasing teaser images of the HTC 10, leading everyone on just like that popular girl in your class back in high school.

So far, camera and audio specific teaser images were released by the Taiwanese OEM, and what seems to be another teaser image by HTC has been leaked out early online, not by HTC itself. “Performance”, is the captioned word in the image, with a subtle portrayal of HTC’s physical home button, which is slightly depressed and embeds a fingerprint sensor, flanked by two backlit capacitive buttons on the sides. 

Some light is also being shed towards the right of the image, exposing the HTC 10’s chamfered curved edge, which tells us that the handset will most likely feature a slight curved back. As far as this image goes, it sure seems super legitimate to my own eyes. But HTC is expected to release their next teaser image of the HTC 10 some time this week. What’s your take on this premature leak?

Source: khalijyanandroid (Twitter)

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