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iPad Pro bests Surface line in Q4 2015

by Reuben

According to a report, Apple has sold more iPad Pros than Microsoft’s Surface lineup altogether in the last quarter of 2015. However, Apple has revealed in its quarterly earnings report that iPad sales have been declining, with no improvements in the near foreseeable future.

The data in the report by IDC suggests that Apple has sold approximately 2 million iPad Pros, whereas Microsoft’s tablet PC Surface lineup only added up to 1.6 million units, which means Apple has trumped Microsoft’s product line which includes the Surface Pro 4 and the less recent Surface 3.

However, Apple’s decline in tablet sales doesn’t come as a surprise as the overall tablet market has plummeted. Nevertheless, the Cupertino company has managed to push out 16.1 million iPads to consumers in Q1 this year, with the hopes of improving on that figure with the introduction of the iPad Air 3 rumored in March.

iPad Pro bests Surface line in Q4 2015 34

Upon introducing the first iPad, Steve Jobs stated that they were looking for a device which stands in between a phone and a PC, but current Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that the iPad Pro was meant to be PC replacements. The iPad Pro has received much scrutiny since it was launched, with some saying that it still wasn’t worthy enough to replace a full fledged PC. The 12.9-inch screen tablet has since proved critics wrong with its sales figures aforementioned.

With the omission of a new iPad Air last year, Apple is looking forward to reboost its tablet sales figures with the iPad Air 3.

Source: IDC Via: TechnoBuffalo

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