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I miss flip phones and I just feel like buying one

by Warren

I switch smartphones every week, testing different user experiences, ecosystem and hardware power, but there’s just one thing that gets me really sick of today’s smartphones, they no longer have a unique form factor since the inception of iPhone, they all have the same block form factor that definitely allows a better touch experience and most annoyingly, some of them tend to have sensors and really sensitive digitizers built in, causing accidental presses while the phone is in my pocket and I sometimes get called back by some random friends, and I suddenly noticed that my phone have started some action of its own without me noticing.

I am really annoyed, and I wanted to use a different form factor so badly

I do admire that touch screen smartphones have grown so much from the resistive displays that we use to know, but in recent times some phones have gotten way too much by trying to include gimmicks into their displays without thinking of the consequences and by using them, I get really annoyed, and I wanted to use a different form factor so badly that made me want to go back to those old keypad style Symbian smartphones, until I stumbled upon a perfect phone form factor that is still alive – Flip phones!

Flip phones or clamshell phones have reminded me of the easy days of using a mobile phone, you get to see notifications from the external display without unlocking your phone, you answer your calls by just flipping the phone open, snap it close when the call is done, all of these makes life so much simpler and in my very humble opinion, clamshell phones are so much stylish to hold than the long block form factor that we have been so used to these days.


Flip phones aren’t dead just yet even though they aren’t available locally, a quick check on Amazon.com reveals a couple of models made by Lenovo, LG and Samsung, despite not packing any flagship hardware onboard they do look really appealing as most of them come with at least Android 4.4 KitKat preloaded, a physical dialpad hardware and most importantly, a touch display if I want to navigate things faster.

Do you want a flip phone? Because I really do, and I beg phone makers to make a flip phone with some modern hardware and price it right, that will be my next smartphone for sure.

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