Home News "Games are getting too hard to crack" says pirate group

"Games are getting too hard to crack" says pirate group

by Sia

It seems that pirated video games may cease to exist in the near future as Chinese game cracking group 3DM has warned that the advancement in DRM technology may lead to games being almost impossible to crack.

This statement was issued by the founder of 3DM who says that the current state of anti-piracy technology may lead to the end of pirate games within two years. Currently, 3DM is working on cracking Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause 3, but progress has been extremely slow due to the presence of Denuvo, a secondary encryption system which protects existing and underlying DRM products.

"Games are getting too hard to crack" says pirate group 38

Developed by Austria-based Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, this encryption system is so complex that 3DM’s cracking expert nearly gave up because the last stage of the cracking process is too difficult. As of the time of writing, Just Cause 3 has yet to be cracked. Other games that utilises Denuvo, such as FIFA16, remains uncracked until today.

3DM believes that it is just a matter of time until Just Cause 3 is cracked, but they aren’t optimistic about the future. 3DM forum founder ‘Bird Sister’ states that video game piracy may be a thing of the past in two years time according to current trends in the development of encrypted technology.

Source : TorrentFreak3DM Forums

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