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Comic-Con will be launching its own streaming service on May 7th

by Sia

Comic-Con International, organizers of the world famous San Diego Comic-Con, wants to expand its presence beyond an event held during July. To that end, the company is partnering up with Lionsgate to launch a streaming service by June.

Called Comic-Con HQ, this streaming service aims to provide its subscribers with classic sci-fi and fantasy tiles, live streams of select San Diego Comic-Con panels, and original programming, including scripted series and unscripted news shows. For Comic-Con HQ’s original programming, Comic-Con International has revealed that they’ve enlisted the services of former G4 personalities Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira to produce various shows for the service.

While details of the original programming on the service are still currently being jossed around, Comic-Con International did reveal some of the original shows that will be airing on the channel. Impossible Science will be a show which explores how new technologies can reproduce effects performed during magic shows, while Her Universe will be a geeky take on Project Runway.

The service is currently scheduled to be soft launched on the 7th of May. During this period, the service will be free to use. A subscription model will be implemented when Comic-Con HQ formally launches in June.

Source: The Verge

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