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A recent concept video has confirmed that Samsung has plans to create its own AR glasses called the “Glasses Lite”.

Glasses Lite lets you work anytime and anywhere

In the video, the user is seen wearing a pair of glasses that has several features such as AR Office, Holo Call and AR Simulation. The AR Office feature projects a keyboard and screen so users can work on the go with the help of these AR glasses. On the other hand, AR Simulation simulates projections into room-scale size like house models so users can have more life-like experiences. 

Samsung AR glasses also supports virtual, holographic video calls

Now, the Holo Call feature supposedly lets the user have virtual calls with others — this is demonstrated in the concept video. However, we’ll also have to consider some other factors; for example, does other parties need to own the Samsung Glasses Lite and even if they do, will the AR glasses be capable of scanning and projecting the full body of each individual?

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In another video, the Samsung Glasses Lite is shown to be a big pair of thick glasses with an oval design. These glasses are works with Dex Display and can also turn into a pair of sunglasses when needed. You can control it by touching the side of the frames or with a Samsung watch.


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