RTX 3060 nerf
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NVIDIA announced earlier in the day that they would be reducing the performance of the upcoming RTX 3060 GPU. The purpose: to deter folks Ethereum miners from buying up all units of the much-anticipated card. 

To be more specific, the cards will just be less efficient for mining cryptocurrency by reducing its hash rate for Ethereum mining by 50 percent. The card will still be just as potent when it comes to running games.  


To address an increasingly larger crypto mining customer base, NVIDIA is also offering a new Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) cards that offer optimized efficiency for that purpose, but won’t actually handle graphics. NVIDIA claims that the introduction of CMP will not impact the availability of their GeForce GPUs.  

Here’s to hoping these cards actually see the light and day and prove enough for miners to stop hogging gaming GPUs. The RTX 3060 is priced from $329 (about RM1,330) and should arrive this February 25.

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