Razer Huntsman V2 analogue
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Razer’s new Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard could very well be the catch-all gaming keyboard enthusiasts have been searching for. 

As the name suggests, the device packs analog optical switches that allow for 360-direction inputs like on a controller’s analog stick. This will be particularly useful for action-adventure games where nuanced movements are preferred. 

Razer Analog Optical Switch Actuation with Bar

Besides that, you also get adjustable actuation points and dual-step actuation – this means that you can control what actions are performed in-game depending on how hard you push down on a key. For example, a lighter actuation would make your character walk, and a harder one would make him run – useful for those pesky trailing missions where the NPC walks too damn slow. 

What are optical switches

Because the keyboard uses optical switches, which has a much faster response time compared to regular mechanical switches, by reducing the number of moving parts in a module, and utilizing light as an actuation point. The smaller number of moving parts also mean less wear and oxidization of metal components, which helps prolong the life-span of your keyboard. 

Razer Huntsman V2 analogue

The Huntsman V2 Analog comes with Chroma RGB backlighting as well as a USB Type-C or USB 3.0 Type A adapter, allowing users to choose the kind of input they have or need. 

Price and availability

Priced at an eye-watering RM1,199, this keyboard is not going to be for everyone – but if you’re gunning for maximum performance, you can buy the keyboard on Razer’s website here. 

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