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Microsoft is reportedly working on bringing Android apps to Windows; which will do away with the need for programs like Your Phone or BlueStacks which don’t always work as well, and can be burdensome. 

Project Latte is the name given to initiative, and we’re not sure what co-relation it has with the delicious espresso-based beverage – maybe it’s chosen because it rolls off the tongue nicely. 

We’re not sure what the implementation is like – could it be just a ‘Windows version’ of its corresponding Android apps, or does the program itself literally run on a Windows system by way of a sort of mirroring, but using the PC’s hardware instead of the phone’s. 

The issue here of course is how user authentication would work as these apps don’t have access to Google Play Store when it’s used on Windows – reports say that modifications will be made so they will still work without losing your accounts. 

Whatever the workaround is, we’re hoping the project is a success and we’ll have more insentives now to have a Windows-Android PC and smartphone setup. 

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