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Google Photos have been offering unlimited storage for the past five years, but that’s about to end once it’s June 1, 2021. Google will start limiting your storage to 15GB unless you’re a Google One member.

Unlimited storage for Google Photos still applicable now

Google Photos: Unlimited storage ends June 2021 1This means that you can continue to upload any photos and videos in your Google Account storage as long as it’s before June 21, 2020. These photos will also need to be in High quality; Google started counting Original quality photos and videos towards the free 15GB of free storage since last year when the Pixel 4 was released. 

Sign up for Google One for more storage

Google Photos: Unlimited storage ends June 2021 2With Google limiting the amount of photos and videos users can keep in their accounts, users can no longer store their images freely without worrying about the storage cap. However, they can choose to subscribe to Google One if they want more — the member ship starts at RM8.49/month in which you’ll get access to 100GB storage and access to Google experts.

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That being said, Google estimated that your 15GB of free storage will be able to store another three years worth of memories.

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