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If you’ve been looking for a sound system for your home or even a smart speaker, Sonos is offering some of its products for lower prices during 11.11 sale.

Sonos Beam

Sonos smart speakers now available; priced from RM799 during 11.11 sale 1Sonos Beam is a sound bar that’s packed with four full-rage woofers and equipped with five Class-D digital amplifiers. It can also be paired with a Sonos Sub for a more realistic audio experience and can be controlled using voice assistants, Sonos app and more. It supports Apple AirPlay 2 and can be mounted on the wall if needed.

Sonos One and Sonos One SL

Sonos smart speakers now available; priced from RM799 during 11.11 sale 2Sonos also has smaller smart speakers if you think the Sonos Beam is too long. The Sonos One and One SL are both compact and feature two Class-D digital amplifiers, one mid-woofer and one tweeter. The only difference is the Sonos One has voice control but the One SL doesn’t. Just like the Sonos Beam, the Sonos One and One SL supports AirPlay 2.

During the 11.11 sale, the Sonos Beam will be priced at RM1,979 while the Sonos One SL and the Sonos One will be priced at RM799 and RM969 respectively. There are also discounts on other products like the Sonos Move and Sonos Sub. The Sonos Move that’s originally priced at RM2,499 will be available at RM2,239 while the Sonos Sub will get RM600 off its original price of RM3,999.

For more information, check out Sonos’ official site.


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