playstation 5 fan control
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According to a report by (via GSMArena), the Sony PlayStation 5 is capable of controlling its fan speed depending on what game you’re playing. 

The console does this using its AMD APU which studies the data collected from gamers around the world and, with the help of temperature sensors, tweaks the fan control accordingly.

PS5 fanWe’ve seen fan-control tech on PCs before, so in the same vein, this is done to keep noise levels at a minimum when the temps don’t reach alarming levels – should a game push the console’s hardware hard, the APU ramps up the fan speed to dissipate heat faster. 

We also think this is a direct response to the PS4’s reputation for sound like a jet engine regardless of what game you’re playing. 

The PS5 is set to launch globally this November 19, so it isn’t long now before we can get our hands on what looks to be a promising next-gen gaming machine. 

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