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The internet is so important to us that it’s hard to imagine a life without it – nobody would say no to an endless supply of fast-speed internet, but what often stops us is the hefty price we have to pay every month in exchange for that. 

Digi Internet Freedom 90, 130, 190, 270, 290

Good news is, the Digi Fibre Broadband that is recently introduced offers five different Digi Internet Freedom plans that cater to different users with different needs. Casual users can enjoy unlimited internet for only RM90/month while frequent users can go for the 100Mbps or 500Mbps plan priced at RM130/month and RM190 respectively. If you’re constantly using the internet to stream HD content, game and work online, then perhaps the 800Mbps or even 1Gbps plan is the better option – the former costs RM270/month and the latter costs RM290/month.

Digi Internet Freedom Mobile 60

Digi Fibre Broadband: The real UNLIMITED plan for your home and smartphone 4Digi Internet Freedom plans aren’t the only merits in this package; Digi also has an unlimited mobile plan called the Digi Internet Freedom Mobile 60. It’s an exclusive plan that is only available for Digi Internet Freedom 130 and above users and offers unlimited high-speed internet paired with unlimited calls and 20GB tethering data for only RM60/month. Plus, being able to pay all your subscriptions in a single bill via MyDigi App makes it more convenient and time-saving.

Why should you subscribe to Digi Internet Freedom Mobile 60?

Digi’s unique mobile plan is similar to the current Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite that costs RM100/month. However, when you sign up for Digi Internet Freedom 130 and above, you can subscribe to the mobile plan at RM60/month which is RM40 less than usual. In addition to that, Digi did not cap the internet speed for the new mobile plan, unlike the Postpaid 100 Infinite that is capped up to 10Mbps.

Digi Fibre Broadband – more options, more value

With five Digi Internet Freedom plans, you can pick a plan that fits you most. Get unlimited internet with up to 100Mbps download speed and up to 50Mbps upload speed when you get Internet Freedom 130. The 100Mbps plan is more than enough for a small household to watch videos, browse social media and even play online games. In addition, you’ll be entitled to two postpaid lines, meaning you’ll be saving more while also enjoying unlimited data when you’re out and about.

On a tight budget? Digi also has the more affordable Internet Freedom 90 – for RM90/month, enjoy 50Mbps of unlimited internet access. You can also sign up for any Digi Postpaid plans, including Digi Postpaid Start which starts at RM38/month.

Free streaming service

Digi Fibre Broadband: The real UNLIMITED plan for your home and smartphone 5Can’t stop bingeing on Asian dramas and movies? Well, lucky you! Digi also offers up to 24 months of Viu premium access for those who sign up for Internet Freedom Mobile 60. Do a movie or drama marathon with your friends using Viu without needing to pay for a single cent! 

How much are you REALLY saving?

Digi Fibre Broadband: The real UNLIMITED plan for your home and smartphone 6Ultimately, all we want to know are the numbers and how much we can save. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be saving when you sign up for each plan – do note that all Digi Internet Freedom plans are tied to a 24-month contract.

1 x Internet Freedom Mobile 60 2 x Internet Freedom Mobile 60 3 x Internet Freedom Mobile 60 4 x Internet Freedom Mobile 60
Digi Internet Freedom 130 RM40 RM80
Digi Internet Freedom 190 RM40 RM80 RM120
Digi Internet Freedom 270 RM40 RM80 RM120 RM160
Digi Internet Freedom 290 RM40 RM80 RM120 RM160


Basically, you’ll be saving RM40/month for each postpaid line you sign up for. Digi Internet Freedom 130 allows up to 2 postpaid lines while Internet Freedom 270 and 290 allows up to four lines. Since Digi Fibre Broadband is tied to a two-year contract, you’ll be saving RM960 per line – that’s RM3,840 if you have four mobile lines. In addition to that, Digi’s free premium Viu service will also help you save more. Instead of paying RM5/month, Internet Freedom 130 users will get a one-year subscription which saves them RM60, while Internet Freedom 190, 270 and 290 users will save RM120 since they’ll be getting two years’ worth of free access.

How to subscribe to Digi Fibre Broadband

Digi Fibre Broadband which consists of the five Digi Internet Freedom plans and the Digi Internet Freedom Mobile 60 is already available and can be signed up at any Digi Store. You can also check your coverage here to save time before going to the stores, or chat with Digi online via its chatbot. For more information, check out Digi’s official site.

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16 days ago

Only 1 year device warranty given on top of 2 years contract requirement.