Hisense u800qf 4k uled tv

Hisense has just launched the 65U800QF 4K ULED TV and it offers a bang-for-your-buck option if you want a massive 65-inch TV that packs all the bells and whistles of a premium panel. 

The TV pushes a resolution of 3840×2160, and comes packed with Quantum Dot technology offering a wider colour gamut; the TV also sports full array local dimming meaning, groups of LEDs are capable of reducing its brightness, offering truer blacks where needed in the image.  

On top of that, the TV supports Dolby Vision HDR to let you watch compatible content with wider contrasts. There’s also Ultra Smooth Motion mode which bumps up the refresh rate of sports content, improving realism. For gamers, there’s also Game Mode that reduces input latency. 

All this is made possible with the Hi-View ENGINE chipset that also does a bulk of the image processing work for the TV. The device also runs on VIDAA U OS which ships with apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video out of the box.  

Hisense 65U800QF 4K ULED TV launched: Priced at RM4,999 2

There is a total of four HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one earphone jack, as well as your usual AV input ports.  

The Hisense 65U800QF is priced at an affordable RM4,999; visit their website here to learn more about the TV. 

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