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In Apple’s September virtual event, the company took the opportunity to announce Apple One, an all-in-one subscription plan that comprises all of its services by paying a single price, this is definitely exciting as it offers way more value than having to pay each service individually, and here’s how it works for Malaysian customers.

Starting this fall, customers with Apple subscriptions will be recommended the right Apple One plan, which you can either choose an individual or family plan that will cost RM19.90 and RM33.90 respectively per month.

Apple OneThe individual plan includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud Storage, the family plan includes 200GB of iCloud storage and access to services can be shared up to six family members.

Apple One customers will be able to save up to RM38 per month on the individual plan and over RM40 per month on the family plan, a 30-day free trial is included for any services that you haven’t subscribed to, you will also have the option to cancel any time or still opt to subscribe to a service separately.

Apple isn’t the first to introduce a bundle subscription offer, as Apple One follows the footsteps of Amazon Prime, however for the Malaysian market, this is one way to make customers happy with the savings and setting a benchmark on how to lock in customers in the ecosystem.

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