There’s a chance we’ll be seeing a few more new OnePlus devices before this year ends; OnePlus has created a few guide pages for unannounced devices including the OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8T Pro, two Nord devices and an unknown model.

OnePlus Nord Lite and 5G?

OnePlus guide pages reveal upcoming devices and the OnePlus 8T Pro 3It has already been established that the OnePlus Nord will not be the only midrange device by the company — OnePlus will add more devices to the lineup which is probably the OnePlus Nord N100 and N105g. GSMArena suspects that these models could be a cheaper Nord phone and another 5G-enabled one. 

OnePlus 8T and 8T Pro

OnePlus guide pages reveal upcoming devices and the OnePlus 8T Pro 4Apart from that, we should also be expecting the OnePlus 8T and 8T Pro. If there are no delays in production, these flagship devices should be debuting this year with the Snapdragon 865+ chipset, 5G connectivity and a 120Hz AMOLED screen.

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SS9805 could be the OnePlus Clover

As for the unknown SS9805 model, we’re suspecting its the OnePlus entry-level phone that’s codenamed the OnePlus Clover. This will be OnePlus’s first budget phone that will come with a Snapdragon 460 chip alongside 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It will also be equipped with a 6,000mAh battery, something we’ve previously seen on the ROG Phone 3 and the realme C12.

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