Xiaomi double selfie camera

The pursuit of a notchless-display solution continues as Xiaomi patents their own take on a dual pop-up selfie mechanism. A tipster pointed us in the direction of a set of odd-looking patents that, according to Tiger Mobiles, were filed by the brand. 

The images we see hear show two pop-up selfie lenses but, instead of being placed on a single module, is separated, and each have their own housing. This would leave us to assume that both these lenses can be individually controlled – meaning you can choose either one to use depending on what selfies you need. 

Xiaomi double selfie camera

Which leads us further to think, maybe Xiaomi has a fancy new selfie lens to introduce in the near future; because we simply don’t see the point of having two cameras, that pedestrian in feature, be individually controlled as if that brings any benefit to the user. 

With this, we can’t help but think about Xaiomi’s in-screen selfie lens – the one that has a separate display panel layered on top that can go transparent should the camera be in use. The problem with this kind of technology is what they call a “mosaic” effect; where that little display covering the lens not actually matching the rest of the screen in brightness and in colour, therefore standing out like a sore thumb. 

Xiaomi double selfie camera 3

Well, let’s circle back to the patents – as they were spotted on the China National Intellectual Property Administration’s website, we can assume Xiaomi to be serious about breaking the norm when it comes to smartphone design; and we can expect to hear more about this in the coming months. 

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