vivo, colour-changing phone

Remember OnePlus’ electrochromic glass that hides the rear camera when not being used? Well, vivo is applying the same technology onto the rear of its phone.

Vivo’s new phone will use an electrochromic glass

In a Weibo video, a vivo spokesperson confirms that by pressing a button, the phone can change its rear glass colour. If this is the future of smartphones, there’s no longer a need to pick your phone colour — your phone will be able to switch colours at any time.

Colour-changing glass can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical

It’s not just fun to look at; the spokesperson said that this could be functional. For example, it can be paired with alarms, notifications or even health apps — each colour can be assigned to different functions for practicality.

In a leaked video posted by Ice Universe, the phone switches between dark blue and silver when the side button is pressed. However, there should be more colours more than just two colours if and when vivo launches its new phone.

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