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To anyone who’s familiar with gaming peripherals and the brands that fill the market, Armaggeddon should be a familiar name – it screams “affordable” and “flashy”. Well, the Armaggeddon Wasp-7 Pro 3D gaming earphone is all that that, plus it’s surprisingly good for something that costs just RM89.90 at the time of writing! 


Armaggeddon Wasp 7 design

Unfortunately, I don’t share the same sentiment when it comes to its design – in typical Armaggeddon fashion, the earbuds look ridiculously over the top with its flared-out black ear piece with gold accents. There’s also a transparent housing that shows off the golden audio drivers – depending on who you ask, this either looks cool as heck or it reminds them of those pasar malam knock-offs the 90s. 

Armaggeddon Wasp 7 mic

The whole point of getting the Wasp-7 is for its boom rod microphone; it acts as – in this case – the main mic, and it sits close to your mouth to pick-up your voice clearly. It’s fitted on the left earbud, into a port that you plug the mic into.  

Armaggeddon Wasp 7 drivers

It looks silly but it works – my only worry is that the build quality of the mic itself seems flimsy – the stiff piece of plastic sticks out quite far and I can see someone breaking it when they try to fit it into their bags. Best course of action is to take off the mic before storing the earphones. 

Mic quality 

Armaggeddon Wasp 7 Mic quality

While we’re talking about it – the audio quality of the boom mic is fantastic; it beats any mic you get on a generic earphone; there’s not much to say other than it’s clear and doesn’t pick up surrounding noise as much as the regular mic – my very-much-alive teammates on Mobile Legends can attest to that.  

Meanwhile, there’s a secondary mic on volume control that doesn’t sound as great, perhaps because it’s further away to your mouth. It tends to pick up more noise than the boom rod microphone, but it works just as well as any generic earphone mic. 

Audio quality 

Armaggeddon Wasp 7 watching netflix

What also impressed is the audio output – the Wasp-7’s neodymium dynamic drivers produce punchy bass and crisp mids and highs. You don’t usually aspect something this affordable to produce audio that’s full and has impressive depth.  

When gaming, it’s the same depth in audio quality that makes it a to go to town on unsuspecting plebs in PUBG.  

But it’s not all roses with the Wasp-7 as it tends to crackle at high volumes – but for the most part, you’re only going to increase the volume to drown out external noise. 


Armaggeddon Wasp 7 earbuds fit

This is where the earphone’s well-designed fit comes in – The Wasp-7 doesn’t comes with any ANC, but the ear tips stay snug in your ears and actually drown out quite a fair bit of noise even no music is playing. 

With audio turned on however, you’ll be hearing nothing but the sweet melody of your favourite tunes – just ask my colleague who sits next to me and has been ignored countless times for the past month or so since I’ve been using this; sorry Yvonne.  


Armaggeddon Wasp 7 mic control

The volume control uses a slider instead of a dial or buttons which I find convenient to adjust volume levels, while the mute and play/pause buttons are nice additions too. Inside the box is also a desktop audio splitter so you can use it on your PC too. 


Armaggeddon Wasp 7 design with mic

There’s no getting over its gaudy looks, but stick ‘em in your ears and you’ll be well-chuffed at the bargain you’ve just gotten yourself; I mean, for less than RM90, this has got to be one of the best value earphones for not just gaming but music and movies as well. 

I still wouldn’t wear them on my train commute, but you damn well know I’ll be making use of its impressive mic quality to bark orders at oblivious jungle mains.  

Visit Armaggeddon’s official Lazada and Shopee pages to get yourself the Wasp-7 Pro 3D earphone.  

The Good 

  • Punchy bass
  • Superb mic quality
  • Well-fitting ear tips 
  • Impressive noise cancellation
  • Balanced audio
  • Comes with a splitter for PC users

The Not So Good 

  • Gaudy aesthetics 
  • Audio crackles at high volumes
  • Volume controller feels cheap


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