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Those who aren’t familiar with Malaysia’s public transport routes will always worry about switching lines and where to stop; luckily for us, a Malaysian web developer made an AR app for Klang Valley transit map.

Malaysian web developer Emil Shafy recently made an AR Map showing public transport routes that appear when he uses his smartphone to scan his Touch ’n Go card. This quickly caught the attention of many Malaysians, causing the tweet to go viral.

AR app shows LRT, monorail and KTM routes

The 24-year old web developer posted a tweet a few days back, revealing a short video of how the AR map appears on his card. At the time of writing, the video has already reached 157,000 views. He also said that he’ll roll out the AR app soon and might add features that are suggested by his commenters. 

Emil was inspired by a TikTok video that uses AR on a business card, which led him to his own project that took two to three days to complete.

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