Instagram QR codes

Anyone remember Nametags, a feature Instagram introduced two years back? Well, it’s getting replaced with Instagram QR codes.

Nametags can be customised

Introducing Instagram QR codes: scan and follow accounts instantly 3Instead of spelling out your username for others to add you, the Nametags feature work like Instagram’s own QR-like codes; others just need to scan your code to get to your profile. You can also customise your Nametag with emojis, stickers or even take a selfie.

Instagram QR codes don’t require in-app camera

Introducing Instagram QR codes: scan and follow accounts instantly 4However, Nametags had one drawback — Instagram users can only use the in-app camera to do the scanning. This is probably why Instagram is switching over to QR codes, in which users can just use their normal cameras or and QR scanner app to scan the codes. According to The Verge, this is so businesses can print their QR codes for customers to scan and follow them on Instagram.

At the time of writing, there are accounts that have gotten the QR code update, but there are also accounts that are still stuck with Nametags. The update should be rolling out gradually, so all users should get it in the coming weeks.

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