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Wireless earbuds are all the rage ever since smartphone makers started tossing out the headphone jack, and along with it wired earphones as well. Despite that, wired earbuds still have their place in the world for good reasons – compared to wireless earbuds, their wired counterparts produce lower latency, do not need to be charged, transmit higher audio quality, and are generally more affordable.  

However, I have to admit that wired earphones don’t generally appeal to me anymore; when I got the chance to review the SonicGear Hyperbass Buds-1, I scoffed at it; but boy was I wrong.

Fit and finish 

SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 earbuds eartips in ear

At first glance, the Hyperbass Buds-1 looks like nothing more than your ordinary pair of wired earbuds. But upon closer inspection, the machined metal-bodied casing, with its clean matte black coating and gold-plated 3.5mm jack gives it a subtle premium touch.  

With that said, the physical cable present here reminded me of why I made the switch to use wireless earbuds; on the Hyperbass Buds-1, the rubbered cable is grippy and tangles very easily – especially when you stuff it in your pocket – making the untangling process one heck of a challenge.   

SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 buds jack braided

This is why I would’ve much preferred a braided cable for the Hyperbass Buds-1, so perhaps a follow up to this device could see this implemented.  

In the box, there are three pairs of silicone ear tips – one of which should be a good fit in your ears. I must say that the silicone eartips are surprisingly comfortable and it isn’t the usual thin and flimsy eartips you find in sub RM50 wired earbuds – good job SonicGear!  

Audio quality 

SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 side lifestyle wearing

The HyperBass Buds-1 definitely lives up to its name; the bass, although not exactly ‘hyper’, is exceptionally crisp and punches above its class. This is no surprise as it comes equipped with a 12mm driver, which is 20% larger than other wired earbuds of the same size (10mm driver).  

As is the case where many budget wired earbuds have overwhelming bass and compromised highs, I’m glad to report, however, that this is not the case with the Hyperbass Buds-1 – highs and lows remained balanced and are easily discernable regardless of music genre. As I begin cranking up the volume, the benefits of a larger driver become apparent as the highs are still crisp and the bass remains clean at 90% volume. 

SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 earbuds

Not only are the silicone ear tips comfortable, but they also inhibits external noise rather well too, which is important on earbuds that do not have ANC (active noise cancellation). This comes in handy during jogging and workouts as it sits snugly in your ears, eliminating external noise.  

Oh, did I mention that the Hyperbass Buds-1 has a built-in microphone? Sound quality is clear and it gets the job done for day-to-day calls and casual gaming. It also comes with an inline remote which allows you to use it as a handsfree device to answer calls when you drive or exercise.


SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 box

Yes, there is no denying that wireless earbuds are increasingly phasing out their wired counterparts, but it’s devices like the HyperBass Buds-1 that reminds us why wired earphones have been the go-to portable audio device for so long. For just RM50, I was able to get a pair of earbuds with a premium build and sound quality – more than you can expect of a wireless pair of the same price.  

I also like that I don’t have to worry about charging or batteries degrading over time. They’re also versatile because they can be used for gaming, sports, and watching movies too because of the low output latency compared to wireless earbuds (audio delay due to connectivity).  

SonicGear Hyperbass buds 1 volume control mic

So, if you’re in the market for a pair of earbuds but don’t want to splurge, the Hyperbass Buds-1 is definitely a pair which you should consider. Visit Sonic Gear’s official Lazada and Shopee platforms to make your purchase. 

The Good 

  • Balanced audio quality  
  • Premium finish and design 
  • Well-fitting ear tips 
  • Decent microphone quality 
  • Affordable pricing 

The Not So Good 

  • Generates excessive cable noise 
  • No volume rocker buttons 
  • Rubbery cable sleeve makes untangling difficult
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