Digi Postpaid start, postpaid 58, postpaid 38

Digi has revised its budget postpaid plan, renaming it as Digi Postpaid Start that consists of the Postpaid 38 and Postpaid 58.

Digi Postpaid Start: Postpaid 58 & Postpaid 38

Digi Postpaid Start: Enhanced postpaid plan with more internet data 1The new Postpaid 58 offers 15GB unlimited internet while the Postpaid 38 offers 9GB. Both plans come with unlimited calls and have Loyalty Bonus. 

Loyalty Bonus: up to 20GB internet

Digi offers Loyalty Bonus which gives users additional monthly quota every six months for those who stay subscribed to the same plan or upgrade to a higher plan — this is capped at four times and up to two years’ tenure. The Postpaid 58 plan gets up to 20GB bonus while the Postpaid 38 gets up to 12GB. 

Internet Bonus 365

Digi Postpaid Start: Enhanced postpaid plan with more internet data 2These plans also come with the new Internet Bonus 365 that offers free data to users daily. Postpaid 38 users will get extra 250MB data daily while Postpaid 58 users will get double the amount every day. This extra bonus is also applicable to users who subscribe to the Postpaid 80 plan and will be given to eligible customers automatically by August 21.

For more information, check out Digi’s official site.

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