CES 2021 digital

As many have pointed out, the most recent CES 2020 showcase is probably the last instalment of the event that will be hosted physically for some time as it took place earlier this January, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the global lockdown, many major tech and gadget events have had to be cancelled or taken to the online sphere for obvious reasons. 

Today, CES has announced that the world’s largest tech conference is going to follow suite and be an all-digital event for the upcoming 2021 instalment, which was due to take place in the usual Las Vegas. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) made the announcement via CES’ social media platforms and on the website. 

Although much of the world is returning to relative normalcy, the number of cases have spike again even, even here in Malaysia; so, a massive convention filled to the brim with people happening January next year doesn’t seem like a good idea to us either – kudos to the top brasses for making the right decision. 

But on a lighter note, for the upcoming CES 2021, we can expect to see a host of 5G-centric products introduced, alongside AI and robotics which are ever-present fields of tech that are showcased at event. Other things we can expect to see are possible more foldable, bendable, rollable displays, phones and such.  

Regardless, we’ve still got some ways until CES 2021 hits, so for now, remember to stay safe and healthy. 

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