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Qualcomm’s latest charging solution is the Quick Charge 5 that promises to fully charge a phone in just 15 minutes.

Quick Charge 5: 100W+, Dual Charge technology

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5: From 0 to 50% battery in only 5 minutes 1Quick Charge 5 is not only faster but also more efficient, supporting up to 50% charge in just five minutes. It features 100W+ charging power and uses Dual Charge technology and has better thermal management, making it four times faster and 70% more efficient as compared to Quick Charge 4/4+.

Backward compatible

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5: From 0 to 50% battery in only 5 minutes 2Quick Charge 5 also supports backward compatibility, meaning that it’ll still support older Quick Charge devices and accessories, though the fastest charging speed is only as fast as their chargers allow.

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The introduction of Quick Charge 5 can only mean one thing — we’ll be seeing the technology in several devices this year, especially since fast charging has become an important factor in a smartphone.

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