Whatsapp chatbot covid 19 moh malaysia

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) has just introduced a WhatsApp chatbot to allow the rakyat to get accurate information regarding COVID-19, all through their mobile devices.  

The MOH and Malaysian National Security Council both took their respective Telegram channels to share a QR code which you can scan that grants you access to the chatbot. 

Whatsapp chatbot ministry of health

You’re supposed to be able to ask the bot any COVID-19 related questions and receive an answer immediately – but the odd thing is, the bot isn’t quite online yet. Our questions and commands have been left unanswered so perhaps we’ll have to wait a little longer before it works.  

When it does, we’re hoping more people can use this not only to keep themselves afloat of the situation, but also to help curb fake news that may circulate on social media and WhatsApp itself. If you’re unsure of how to scan the QR code on your smartphone, save the image in your gallery and use Google Lens to scan it. 

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