THunderbolt 4 announce

Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 is the upcoming generation of catch-all cable standard, and it’s starting to take shape as the company unveiled the list of things the TB4 is capable of offering users.  

Thunderbolt 4 cable intel
Image credit: Intel

It’ll be compatible with USB 4, which is a royalty-free standard, and it offers 40Gbps of throughput – with that, Intel also showed off an extension dock with three TB4 downstream ports that feed off of that 40Gbps connection.  

Thunderbolt 4 specs vs thunderbolt 3
Image credit: Intel

The new standard also allows support of up to two 4K monitors, or one 8K panel; it powers external GPUs with a PCIe connection of 32Gbps with storage speeds of up to 3,000MBps.  

Thunderbolt 4 accessories devices support
Image credit: Intel

With this, Thunderbolt 4 can replace HDMI and DisplayPort cables to streamline your cable management using USB-C. The standard will debut in Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU laptops later this year, and we should expect more adoption for TB4 next year. 

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