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UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that one of the products listed in this article has received bad ratings and reviews. Therefore, we’ve made the necessary amendments to reflect this change.

Earphones are one of the best accessories that have been made by mankind and boy, there are so many different kinds. This month’s Under the Radar focuses on earphones, but not the typical ones you’ve heard of; instead, we’re listing out several earphones that come with their own unique features.

TimeKettle M2

Ideal for: People who travel to foreign countries often.

wireless earbuds, time kettle, timekettle m2, translation earbuds
Image credit: Indiegogo

Travelling to foreign countries can be scary when you don’t know their language. That’s precisely why the Timekettle M2 was created — it’s a pair of earbuds that can perform offline translations.

While offline, the earbuds support up to six languages, but when connected to the internet, you’re looking at a whopping 40 languages and 93 accents!

Plus, say you’re lost in a foreign country and want to ask for directions – simply pass one of the earbuds to the other person and start conversing. Every word will be translated and played directly into the other person’s earpiece and they’ll be able to do the same.

wireless earbuds, time kettle, timekettle m2, translation earbuds
Image credit: Indiegogo

The TimeKettle M2 has three translation modes: 

  • Touch Mode

Touch Mode is what we’ve described in the previous paragraph

  • Lesson Mode 

In Lesson Mode, the earbuds can translate any movies or even language classes into your preferred language for better understanding.

  • Speaker Mode

Speaker Mode is for when you’re using the speaker on your phone instead of sharing earbuds.  

There’s also support for Siri and Google voice assistants, plus an IPX4 water resistance rating and it offers up to 30 hours of battery life with its charging case.

The price of the TimeKettle starts at $79 (RM339) and orders will be shipping out in October 2020.

Bluewire Audio

Ideal for: People who spend a lot of time exercising outdoors.

Bluewire Audio, wearable speakers, under the radar
Image credit: Indiegogo

Not all earbuds stay fitted in your ears when you’re exercising. Bluewire Audio’s product of the same name delivers audio to your ears too but via a pair of mini speakers instead. 

The device comes in two parts — the speakers and a Bluetooth receiver. They can be mounted on any cap you wear and can wirelessly connect to your preferred device. So instead of a pair of earphones that fit in your ears, these speakers simply sit above them. Isn’t that just awesome? You’ll also be aware of your surroundings as there’s no noise cancellation, meaning it’s a much safer option compared to earbuds for those exercising outdoors.

These speakers are also long-lasting, offering up to seven hours of listening time.

Bluewire Audio starts at $50 (RM214), but only ships to the U.S. and Canada.


Ideal for: Environmental-friendly users

Pearl, wireless earbuds, indiegogo
Image credit: Indiegogo

Pearl is a pair of earbuds designed by a former Ferrari designer and it’s probably one of the most premium-looking audio devices today. Made of acetate and stainless steel, the Pearl is available in three colours — Black, Silver and Gold. Even the charging case stands out from other earbuds like the AirPods, Jabra Elite 75t or Sony WF-1000XM3 as it uses a spherical design.

Pearl catches the eye with its elegant design, but it also has a unique charging method. Apart from cable or wireless charging, these earbuds support solar charging too! The case it’s housed in is equipped with solar discs which draw power from the sun.

Pearl also supports Ai-assisted noise cancellation, offering two modes: 

  • Silent mode: Cancels out all noises
  • Quiet mode: Allows some external noise so that you’re aware of your surroundings.

Pearl is shipping out this month (July 2020) and can be purchased at $149 (RM639) from Indiegogo.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN6

Ideal for: Germaphobes or anyone who values cleanliness.

LG, LG Tone Free HBS-FN6, Under the radar

LG is the brand you’ll be more familiar with. This year, the company introduced a wonderful pair of wireless earbuds that comes with a self-cleaning case for all you clean freaks.

The LG Tone Free HBS-FN6 has a charging case that uses UV light to kill bacteria like E. coli and S. aureus. However, cleaning off physical dirt is still a DIY job.

Design-wise, these LG earbuds resemble the AirPods Pro, which were designed for better comfort. They offer six hours of battery life on a single charge and comes with the Ambient Sound Mode feature — Active Noise Cancellation is unavailable. 

There’s no official price yet, however, LG has confirmed that these earbuds will be launching this month in both the American and European markets.

Audio devices have come a long way

With the advancement of technology, audio devices offer more than what is expected of them. We’ve seen from this list that what may seem impossible in the past is now possible. Wireless earbuds and speakers aren’t just for music and calls anymore; instead, they can provide additional functions to our lives and smoothen our daily interactions.


  1. Domio pro just does not deliver. Phone calls are inaudible, the mount fails consistently, and besides that, the company has not shipped to tons of their backers. They’re also non responsive when it comes to defective units.

    • I wish the author had used the Domio atleast for a couple of hours before even thinking of writing this up… If this plastic junk figures in best lifestyle audio device, one can wonder how bad the lifestyle is LOL.. seriously, this device doesn’t perform anywhere near their claim. It’s audio performance is bad, it doesn’t stick well to the helmet.. the air mic has only air in it! These guys need to own up the fault and close this trash instead of going ahead and scamming more unsuspecting public! Alternatively, pull this off the market, put in some real work and make the concept work for real and then release again.. as it stands now, it’s a waste of money I’d say.. oh, and forgot to mention.. this is not a rider comms device as it is placed. Its supposed to communicate thru an app which is nowhere to be found! So, to reiterate, it’s a waste of good money!

      • Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
        With Under The Radar, we try to shine the spotlight on cool but obscure gadgets, because we know there are some serious gems out there to uncover.
        Unfortunately, it looks like we did not unearth a gem this time around with the Domio Pro, and we would like to apologize for that.

        • Thanks for your responses here, and thanks for removing the Domio Pro review from your article. There’s a whole community of people who paid for their Pro a very long time ago who either never received anything, or received a sub par product with defects (mounts fail consistently, battery rattled around in the mic) and Domio’s simply stopped addressing all of these concerns. Their latest claim is COVID-19 has impacted their business, but if you look into actual user reviews (check Facebook for a community of customers) people have been furious about their practices and product (and lack of product) since well before the virus showed up.

          • Removing it is the right thing to do now that we’ve found out the truth behind the product. We wouldn’t want to promote an item that doesn’t perform up to expectations as well. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!

        • A real gem, and far worse when it arrives. The mounts are useless and I was told to try super glue? On a vital part of PPE, I don’t think so. You can hear more outside the helmet than inside and the mic mount us even worse. I have 2 and will not sell them on because I’m not a scammer unlike Domio.

  2. The Domio Pro write-up is honestly worthless. I too was an early backer and 2 years later still waiting for the product. Even when the product is delivered to the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) few, it gets terrible user reviews. So the “Ideal Use” for it is not “Motorcyclists” but rather a reminder of a company that hasn’t fulfilled it’s promises to a large number of customers

      • Hi Yvonne – thanks for the note back and no I have not received a refund. As noted by others I appreciate you taking the review down. If you look at the Domio Pro Backers Facebook page – https://bit.ly/38yvaYg – you can see how many unhappy people there are. In fact there are over 900+ members of this group. Tells quite a story I think. Thanks again for taking the time to get back to me and the others

        • I’ve checked out the Facebook page! Thanks again for pointing it out and I hope you guys get a refund soon 🙂

  3. Don’t bother with the Domio. It’s a subpar product from an underfunded poorly managed company that lies and will soon be out of business…hopefully.

    • Domio Moto Pro as a communication device is laughable. The sound from the mic is trash even with its supposed technology. You certainly won’t be able to hear music much less understand a phone call over 40 mph. Rider to rider comms via an app is nowhere to be found so, don’t waste your money or time. Get a used Domio Moto for less than $100 from some poor soul if you really want a novelty stuck to your helmet… until the mount fails and it’s left on the road. This is coming from an early crowd fund backer who was lucky enough to get his a year and a half later. Most haven’t seen or heard anything about their perk. Delay after delay with timelines always pushed 2-3 weeks at a time. With COVID, forget it. Buy mine.

  4. Forget about the Domio Pro, this company is a real scam ! They never reply, all they do is take your money and NEVER deliver (waiting since october 2018…).
    This article about Domio pro products is unreal and unfit to the situation. Ask anyone who has had a domio pro, or even domio, they will tell you how bad it is and how fake that company is !
    Do NOT buy it ! Keep your money and go buy real devices that have experience and a real brand name on it.


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