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Do you have that one oblivious Facebook friend who shares controversial but outdated news frequently? We know we do, and it can be a problem when no fact-checking is done on the part of the reader too, which could misrepresent the actual state of events at the current time.  

So, to prevent this from happening, Facebook has now added a notification pop up that’ll tell you a piece of content is old if you attempt to share it. Any piece of news or article that’s three months old for it to be considered untimely – however, we think for some articles, the threshold to trigger the pop up should be set even sooner. 

Upon being greeted with said pop-up, Facebook users can still opt to share the content if they think it’s still relevant – who knows, maybe it’s just a listicle on the best roti canai spots in KL. 

With this, Facebook hopes users can make more informed decisions about the damage they could do resharing old news in the guise of current events. 

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