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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a cool phone, but did you know you’ll void its warranty the moment you put on a screen protector?

Galaxy Z Flip should go without screen protector?

A screen protector has become a must-have accessory when it comes to smartphones; no matter how durable our phones are advertised to be, we still wouldn’t risk getting its screen scratched or cracked. After all, paying for a new screen protector is much cheaper than getting an entirely new screen. 

screen protector, galaxy z flip
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Why is Samsung advising against screen protectors?

Too bad for the Galaxy Z Flip users, they’re advised against putting on screen protectors. Though Samsung claims that the display is scratch-resistant and can withstand minor accidents, the truth is the screen is just sensitive and putting on a screen protector will affect that. Plus, removing the screen protector could also accidentally peel off the protective layer — this happened to the Galaxy Fold and rendered the phone useless.

At least in a report by SamMobile, Samsung did mention in its care instructions that “third-party adhesives such as films or stickers should not be adhered to the Galaxy Z Flip screen by customers” and by doing so, they could void the warranty. Still, not given the option to use a screen protector to protect a phone that costs you RM5,888 does sound ridiculous.

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