Facebook has been quite active in developing new features recently; its latest addition is a mobile app called CatchUp which is basically Messenger but only for voice calls.

CatchUp focuses on voice calls but with added features such as contacts’ online status, inviting others who don’t have the app and even Facebook’s ‘poke’ feature that was once popular. You can also decide who can call you and who can join groups you create.

Facebook, CatchUpSimilar to many online messaging apps, there is also more information available as compared to traditional calls. For example, you can see who is muted in a group call or who still hasn’t picked up your call. You can also add users to the call in the middle of your group call when he/she is available.

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As of now, CatchUp is only available in the App Store which requires you to have an Apple device. Sadly, there’s no news on its availability in Malaysia, so we couldn’t test it out.

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