iOS 13.5 was just released last week, but the hacking group named Unc0ver already managed to develop and release a jailbreak tool for the software update.

Multiple sources have claimed that this jailbreak works on all iPhones that are running on iOS 11 and above and will not drain out battery life or affect your iPhone’s apps. Jailbreaking your iPhone will also allow some prohibited apps and more customization.

Jailbreak for iOS 13.5 out in less than a week 1The lead developer of Unc0ver also told WIRED, “This jailbreak basically just adds exceptions to the existing rules. It only enables reading new jailbreak files and parts of the filesystem that contain no user data.”

Unc0ver’s jailbreak for iOS 13.5 is built on a zero-day vulnerability, meaning that Apple wasn’t informed in advance of their findings and that Apple will need at least two to three weeks to offer a fix that can block the jailbreak.

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