In conjunction of the upcoming festive season, Grab brought back e-Duit Raya, allowing their users to send money to their loved ones while also earning some GrabReward Points.

Sending duit raya and angpows online used to be “for the fun of it”, but the current situation has increased its practicality. Using GrabPay, each user’s first three GrabPay e-Duit Raya will earn them 50 GrabReward Points each, but it’s only limited to one transaction per day. This will only be applicable from May 24 to June 6.

Earn GrabRewards points when you send e-Duit Raya via GrabPay 1If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate up to RM25 to multiple charities and NGOs via the GrabRewards catalog. Apart from that, shopping for clothes, cooking essentials and raya cookies can all be completed by using Grab.

To send your friends and family some e-Duit raya, just click on the Transfer tab, select the recipient’s name and enter the amount you want to send along with a Raya greeting!


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