Apple’s iOS 13.5 Beta is out and sees new additions centered around COVID-19 and usability during the pandemic.  

One of the newest updates is in the Face ID unlock feature which now detects when you’re wearing a face mask – when it does, it will prompt you to enter your pin immediately instead of waiting to scan a face. This speeds up the process of unlocking your phone when you’re out doors and if you forget that you have a mask on.  

Here's how the iOS 13.5 COVID-19 features work 4

On top of that, you can opt in to the COVID-19 Exposure tracking option that will send you a notification should your Bluetooth detect you are within vicinity of someone with COVID-19. If you opt in, you can choose to share your diagnosis to build the database and help keep people safe. 

The data shared is completely anonymous so you can rest assured that your identity is kept safe. You can choose to install the beta software here. 

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